Vivid Culture in Böblingen

It´s lively cultural landscape is mainly created from the people from Böblingen themselves. We do have a long and rich tradition, that the citizens themselves independently organize the daily cultural offering stages, bars, galleries or in the museums.

With over 60 cultural societies Böblingen does have quite a large number here compared to it’s size and does have therefore a vast variety of city events, such as “summer at the lake” (Sommer am See), with countless events for everybody and in which the clubs and societies make the performances.

Cultural Hot Spots

To name a few: “Treff am See”, “Café Emil”, “Treff am Murkenbach”, the artist house “Altes Amtsgericht”, the “Blaues Haus”, or the Youth club “Casa Nostra” - all in all cultural locations, in which you will find courses, recitals, lectures, theatre and splendid performances. Everything is possible and supported.