Day trip outings around Böblingen

Only a short distance away…

Castles, Palaces & Monasteries

Burg Hochenzollern

Situated in Hechingen, the castle belongs to the former German emperor family and is only a 45 min ride away. This historical site also offers English guided tours.

Schloss Lichtenstein

Combine the wonderful landscape of the "Swabian Alb" and it's caves with a trip with the Cinderella castle of Schloss Lichtenstein. Also here you can find English guided tours.

Schloss & Kloster Bebenhausen

This destination is about 20 min away from Böblingen and well situation in the nature park "Schönbuch forest". The larger monastery has been founded in 1183 and stillcarries its medieval charm. The palace was erected in 1807 and was mainly used as the hunting palace for the Swabian Kings.

Kloster Maulbronn

This UNESCO World heritage monastery was founded the abbey "Mulenbrunnen" in 1147/48 by the Cistercians in an almost isolated location. You can choose audio guides in different languages.

Museums & Sites in Stuttgart

Amongst the broad variety of museums in Stuttgart, we would like to highlight just a few more, which can be easily reached through either public transportation (S-Bahn) or with a car:

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