Regional Swabian cuisine, or would you rather prefer Italian?

Eating out in Böblingen provides you with a lot of international choices, from all regions from the earth. Due to the high amount of well integrated immigrants you will find authentic food made with pride. Of course the original Swabian cuisine offers a lot to choose from, which you can only find in this region. Try the Linsen & Spätzle (lentiles with Swabian noodles), or the Zwiebelrostbraten (onion Beefsteak), Maultaschen (Swabian Ravioli, pictured below), or Buabaspitzle (Swabian Gnocci) and experience the traditional food. Alternatively go to a local butcher and see the vast amount of different sausages and meats they have to offer and combine with a  freshly baked bun from the local bakery.

To make it a perfect experience we recommend tasting a local wine specialty or the beer from the local brewery in their own beer garden (pictured above). The Schönbuch Brewery  brews in Böblingen since 1823 and offers apart from their seasonal beers more then 10 different selections of beer, which are all brewed in pride. Witness how the beer is brewed with the tour the brewery offers (Picture, Mid-right).

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Chefs with character create food with personality

Well known in Swabia is Timo Böckle (Restaurant “Zum Reussenstein”) from his live cooking shows in German television. (picture right) His creations combine regional cuisine with inspiration, lifting his meals to fulfill even the highest expectations. (pictured-below, his creation, Streuobstwiesen Schnitzel)

Thomas Heiling (Restaurant im Paladion) recently got awarded with three lions award in the “taste the south” contest.

Fred Nestele offer’s local food with German Accordion music and is know as the “singing innkeeper”. You can hear him in the “Gasthaus Schwanen”.

Franz Feckl carries a Michelin star award since 1987 for his achievements with regional foods. You will find him in his “Landhaus Feckl” in the neighbouring village Ehningen.

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