Böblingen - The Silicon Valley of Europe

In Böblingen as well as in it’s surrounding region is the largest accumulation of innovation in Europe and it therefore the power house region in Germany. With it’s more then 3,500 Patents per year the greater Stuttgart region sets benchmarks for innovation and creativity and Böblingen and it´s great developers. Of the employees in Böblingen we have more then 16% graduates, while the avr. rate in Germany is at 10%.

Research creates innovation, education creates the future

You can discover many innovative companies, from various industries in Böblingen, such as Agilent Technologies, Daimler, Eisenmann, Hewlett-Packard, IBM, Moog, Phillips, amongst many other medium and small size enterprises. We support and encourage cooperation, or knowledge sharing for information and communication technologies to foster synergy effects for small and medium size companies.

“I will stroll by then and visit HP”

This quote from a software engineer from the Compaq Computer GmbH is illustrating very well one of the key success points from having their business in Böblingen. It is about working together on a daily basis with and in between the global players located in Böblingen. You won’t find these kind of close contacts between start-ups and world leading companies anywhere else in the world.

Can also offer competence in medical products and exclusive furniture

WÖRWAG pharma is a well-known brand for it’s competence and know-how in bio factors and generics, hence they produce vitamins, minerals and trace elements.
Renz GmbH is a stylish brand name for office furniture, setting up exclusive offices for managers. Throughout Europe you will find their award winning products at BOD / CEO levels, as well as in ministries and other similar locations.

Networking and economic development

Utilize our competence and our networks within Böblingen. We are happy to help and support any inquiry coming from you, if you are in need for information about our local business. Apart from this, the department for economic development in Böblingen will also assist you in optimizing your location, promotes innovative projects and collaborates with the software center and the city’s own public relations (Stadtmarketing)