Building the future through today´s education

The city offers 96 classes for children up to the age of six in its 26 public child care centers. In the 7 private child care centers there are an additional 18 classes.

Compatibility of family and career

Child care centers, quality part time employment and the support of the partner are key factors to make sure that there is no conflict between family and career. Böblingen actively supports to increase the number of available places in the day cares to support each of our children in Böblingen.

Educational possibilities within Böblingen

Böblingen as the regional district town, has a wide scholastic spectrum. Our school development ensures the wide diversified school system, in which all students are able to find the type of school, which fits best to develop their individual talents.

Talents foster Talents

The Hermann-Hollerith-Center

The well structured combination between our High-Tech companies and educational facilities is making Böblingen a very attractive and special place to study. Since March 2013 the Hermann-Hollerith-Center educates more then 200 students a semester.

Plenty of possibilities for education

Sharpening your personal profile with the sophisticated choices provided by the Secondary or Professional Training Schools, which are closely located near public library and the Evening Adult Educational Schools. This package is completed by the offerings of the universities, polytechnics, academies and R&D centers in the Stuttgart region.

Fulfilling the needs for specialized Talents

Our main focus in fostering talents is in the MIST sectors (Maths, IT, Science, Technology). This is accompanied by the earlier mentioned music and cultural educational possibilities.