Flugfeld Böblingen/Sindelfingen

A new town quarter rises on about 197.68 acres, which are around 160 football fields and it is connecting the 2 neighbouring cities Böblingen and Sindelfingen. The unique character of this location is characterized by the harmonic symbioses of living and business quarters, the common city fairground and the long lake, which is ~ 1km / 0.62 miles long.

Business Opportunities

As a newly developed town quarter, many different companies have already discovered the opportunities this place offers for them to conduct their business. Located right in the center of the twin-cities, right at the autobahn exit, with the most modern (IT) infrastructure you can get it is definitely the right place to be and we are sure we find the right location to the right price to fit also your business. Interested?

We are already here – some spotlights

Forum 1

offers the office space of the future. Companies, which are tenants here, can profit from the flexible concept, which will allow companies to grow with the office space according to their needs. In addition to this the tenants can participate from a strong clustering from other companies with are also in the Forum 1 and find common spaces to gain new ideas, do networking and find solutions for their needs. As Scientists, engineers and company leaders work door to door with each other.
The 2 flagships among the tenants are definitely the ASA (Germany Aerospace Academy) and the Innovation Center for Environmental Technology.


In the Medical Center you will find a large variety of expert medical offices and health service’s.


The indoor amusement park offers activities for the entire family, with it’s science, adventure and entertainment sections. A combination, which you will find nowhere else in Europe.


Everything around cars. And if you still haven’t had your fulfillment of cars, you can choose to overnight in one of the different car theme rooms in the V8 Hotel.


The hydraulics and pneumatics company.

PLANA Küchenland

Where you will find the kitchen of your dreams.

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