Tips for Trips


Revving sounds from High performance engines

Located directly off the Expressway A81 exit “Böblingen/Sindelfingen” in a area that was once the original Stuttgart Airport in Swabia where you can find the new urban quarter “Flugfeld” (Airfield). In the early 20th century you could hear the motor sounds from propeller airplanes (Junkers G, JU), while today the roars fill the air from restored old-timers and exclusive sports cars.

“Old but good” in the Motorworld

Pure fascination of the automotive culture can be found in the former airport terminals and hangars. Old-timer, Young-Timer and fancy cars in a sound atmosphere between old fashioned gas pumps and rusty oil barrels. You can see the repair and restoration on the cars in the garages, have interesting discussions with experts and enthusiasts combined with great gastronomy and including glamorous events in the evening make this a must have seen place.

The Eldorado for Automobile enthusiasts

The “PS-Kultur” with its branch offices with a passion for classic vehicle Models, that include Harley-Davidson, Ferrari and Maserati which completes the experience with a classy American Diner. It is located in a remarkable designed complex inside a transparent tower. There is no other place like this, which combines such premium brands, and it is definitely an Eldorado for Cars fanciers.

It is located within eyes sight to the world’s largest manufacturing location for Mercedes-Benz cars, in which the S and E-Class are produced, as well as the CL and CLS, the AMG. It houses the research and development offices, as well as the competence center for the premium and luxury cars.

Böblingen does also care a lot about E-Car mobility and works close here with the Automobile maker Smart, as Böblingen is also the home for the Smart administrational offices.