Exploring the new developing shopping district

"We are enthusiastic; it is unbelievable to see how much efforts are being put into the shopping city Böblingen." Together with their children, the parents are watching with excitement the new construction sites. Fascinated by the huge construction machinery many of our citizens are documenting the change with their own pictures.

And the best thing is: You can reach all existing shops in the city center easily by a short walk, with the bus, the urban railway “S-Bahn” or with your own car.

Shopping in the old town “Schloßbergring”

A perfect starting point for your shopping experience is the “Kongresshalle” with underground parking. The elegant Alba-Bridge leads you directly into the old-town, with its stores, restaurants, cafés and cinemas. Taste a refreshing ice cream, or the wide variety of baked goods at traditional German bakeries or maybe some fresh sausages at the Butcher stores.

Farmer markets with regional and seasonal products
  • Wednesday
    Elbenplatz and Sömmerdaplatz
  • Friday
    Elbenplatz and Sömmerdaplatz
  • Saturday
    Pastalozzihof and in Dagersheim

Well known shopping malls

Only a few steps away from the Elbenplatz or the bus/railway station, are large shopping malls, as well as the shopping street “Bahnhofstrasse”.

If you need it bigger, then try the “Hulb”

Large car dealer and furniture stores can be found in the industrial zone “Hulb”. So Böblingen can serve all of your shopping needs.