Being and staying young in Böblingen


Be a pirate, a princess, astronaut, explore the jungle, or be a scientist – the large indoor leisure park presents in over 107,000 sq ft a unique combination of a leisure park, an interactive science center and great food. More...

Active youth

Teenagers can show their engagement in child and teenager camps, societies and organisations. This leads their way into ambitious projects and concerts with regional bands. Our museums also support their activities, which is exhibited in the graffiti-project. Sure enough we have a youth city council.

Music and arts school for teenagers

We foster musicality and creativity with almost all instruments, solo singing classes or in groups with our dedicated and skillful teachers. This is a place, where young people can reveal their talents in dancing, theatre and arts.

Petting Farm

Kids take responsibility for donkeys, sheep, goats and many other animals and can ride on them, pet them or simply play with them. They bake cakes together, explore the surrounding forest or together make a camp fire.

Eventful holidays

Programs during holidays around the town and in the nearby “Waldheim” are filled with fun, games and of course excitement. A great experience for kids and an ideal alternative for working parents during holidays.