560 companies in Böblingen with high potential for innovation

Four spotlights


The research and development center in Böblingen, with it´s 2,000 employees is one of the largest IBM sites worldwide. This R&D lab contributed largely in the development of today´s technology standards like the first hard disk drive, DRAMs, magnet strips, relational databases, scanning tunnelling microscope, DNA Transistors or the learning Computer System “Watson”.

Moog in Böblingen

Was founded 1965 as it’s first abroad location. Apollo 11, four years before the moon landing was powered and steered by components manufactured by Moog. The German location develops high efficient electrical, hydraulic and hybrid engines.

Hewlett-Packard (HP)

Also their first abroad location was founded in Böblingen in 1965 and still had its Germany Head quarter located here and it is with it’s more then 3,200 employees the largest local entrepreneur.

Softwarezentrum (SBS)

Initiated in 1995 from the cities of Böblingen, Sindelfingen, the chamber of commerce and Industry of Böblingen, as well as Baden-Württemberg hosts in the meantime more then 110 IT companies and can be called a real success story. The center offers offices for any size company, from a single person to companies, which are larger then 200 people. The only condition is, that they are Software Companies. The companies are enjoying the full flexibility, when they are growing with their success and can rely on the support they are getting from the center, such as a reception, meeting rooms, Internet and telecommunications.